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My story

Hi! My name is Yulia. And I am an accountant. That's the main reason why I am not a good writer 😅

I have a higher education in accounting and all my life long I worked in this and neighbouringfields. After graduating from Academy I started working in Federal Tax Department. But the salary was not enough for me and my little son. That's why I was searching for something more profitable. And in one moment I found myself working as accountant in commercial company. But I'm very energetic person and for me it's not enough only to work. And I went to the second University and after studying there for several years I received Master's Degree in Law (that was one of my child's dreams). But and this was not enough for me 😀 During my studying in this University I also started my classes in City Business School and received degree in Business Administration. And.... As you understand this activity was not the last one for me. Also I visited Spanish classes and other different educational events 😀 Yes, for meit was something like a hobby.I really liked studying very much. But what was with my career during all these activities? I changed my working place to another which I liked more. Since I was a child I really dreamed about travelling, working with foreigners, international business trips, exotic countries and so on. So that's why I began working as an accountant-economist in international holding in foreign-economic department. Yes, this working place was much closer to my dream. Distantly from Moscow I worked with such countries as Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and others. And, I had international business trips. Dreams came true ☺️ But of course this was only the beginning of my long and interesting professional life 😀 In 2 and a half years in this company when my son became more independent, visited school and could do many things without my help I started my entrepreneurial career. I always knew that I would work for myself. I am an entrepreneur, I am not an employee by my nature. Yes, It was very risky for single mom with a child, working for a long in really good place (as other persons told me many-many times),to become a business woman. That meant that I would never receive stable salary and nobodyexcept me would pay my insurance. I was scared, I did not know how to behave myself, where to search clients, how to contact them, where to find money for monthly loan payment, son's education and so on. Scared. And I started to learn. As usual 😁 I learned how to make sites, how to attract new clients, how to participate in negotiations. Many things 😁 It was exciting and thrilling. Especially not only to learn something new but do it myself. It is difficult to start doing something new for you, what you have never done before. Difficult. So I did it. I had clients, several working landing pagesin internet, several working groups in social media and a very interesting experience in new field for me.

In some time, I understood working as a private accountant with private persons, small companies and entrepreneurs that it was not my level. Earlier I used to work on the international level, level of big corporations. It was interesting for me, but that moment all my clients were interested in very simple tax accounting. Boring 🙃 And I decided to start working in different financial and accounting projects with big companies. So that moment I even worked with one company of Big Four. And I really liked it. It was my level. I worked with foreign companies. Great idea visited my mind during that Big Four projects. I started searching projects in other countries. So I worked for several months in Vietnam and UAE, I worked distantly for some other countries traveling all over the world. I was busy and I really developed my professional and emotional skills. During all these doingsI understood that I need to receive international professional education. I joined ACCA maybe 4 years ago. But I had not enough time to study because of my interesting projects which took all my time. And ACCA removed me from the list of students 😞 I was dismissed 😔 But now after returning back to Russia I had time to think about my future. I want to set up my business. International business. I have enough experience in accounting and entrepreneurship. I'd like to help foreign entrepreneurs and companies to register their business in Russia (to open their representative offices), to help them with tax accounting and financial/tax consulting. Also I'd like to help Russian companies to expand their business to international level, to open their representative offices in other countries. So of course to achieve this goal I need many resources and knowledges. And I'm on my way to get all of them ☺️ I tried to tell you the story of my life andmy vision of my future and future of other people whom I can influence through my business. Maybe I can help any entrepreneur from any country to deliver his goods or provide his services to more people in different countries. I hope so 😀

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